Monday 6 August 2007

OK, let's get this party started.

My name's Iain. I help to run Shadowglobe, I used to be a DJ on Xfm (R.I.P.) and a musician as well.
And, since the latter part of the 1970's, I've been an avid collector of records that only I seemed to love. So, just to put that to the test, I figured it was time to start up a little mp3 blog, to share some of those tunes with you.


So It Goes said...

Hi Ian, I haven't had time to listen to the tracks you put up yet but it looks like you have a lot up your sleeve. Come and visit me on 'Teenage Kicks' when you're in town, I just cover JP's Festive 50. Pleased to meet you!

Iain Baker said...

Linked! :)
did you get the email?

So It Goes said...

Yes, thank you, much appreciated, as I haven't had much interaction lately :-(. Reviewed all your tracks now and I like them all!

Unknown said...

Hello - I remember you from Ex Ef Em....and a very nice blog :-D

Unknown said...

P.S. you might, or might not like my podcast...

Frenchbloke said...

oh hell, another bloody blog to keep tabs on


Iain Baker said...

Sorry fella, i'll try and keep the quality up!

T. just T. said...


I am totally impressed with the quality of your blog and the many hints & tips & guidances when it comes to music.

electro is getting too small a room for me so i need another plan.

blogs like yours are perfect for absolute beginners like me, venturing all 'buck-naked' out of his usual electronic-music field.



MALADE 219 said...

soooo good i found your blog! and how i enjoyed reading and listening, respecting the time you did on earth so far. i guess im half your age, and there so much to know... about that 5th elemnt MUSIC! arrrrr!