Wednesday, 2 July 2008

DJ Nut Nut "The Rumble" (Mad Ragga John Remix) (Production House Records 12", 1994)

Though my real passion was for Old School Hardcore (check the archives!) the rise of Drum'n'Bass still managed to produce some truly incredible records. Just like Hardcore, the key here was innovation: every month brought new sounds, new stlyes, new waves of samples and textures; as a genre, D'n'B began an exponential growth that wasn't to slow down for many years. The tunes I bought in 1994, for me, showed the most progression. Though there was raw power and energy in the "darkside" anthems of 1993, 1994 saw the rise of the portamento b-line, on tracks like Dead Dread's "Dread Bass" , the power and finesse of Ray Keith's "Terrorist" and the sonic invention of Deep Blue's "The Helicopter Tune". There are elements of "Helicopter..." in this tune, it's got that same burbling percussion, but the real story here is the massively chopped up Amen breaks. The snares skitter, stutter and roll, twisting into impossible shapes. The rhythms draw you in, forcing you to find the flow within their complex programming, carrying you along with them. This is a tune with propulsion deep within its DNA.
And what of DJ Nut Nut? Well, not much, I'm afraid. I know he was a  Drum'n'Bass DJ, who recorded a few sides for Production House, and a few tunes for Hard Leaders And Tru Playaz, but I've not been able to find him currently online. Mad Ragga Jon (or John, as he's credited here) is a similar story, a flurry of tunes in the days of Hardcore, with some due to come out on pre-eminent Hardcore label Suburban Base, before a personality clash led to him being released by the label. For someone who was obviously talented enough to push the envelope with the twisted beats of this remix, it's hard to understand that this would be one of his last productions. After 1994, he too drops off the radar.
If you need a copy of this, it'll set you back about 25 quid. But for now, turn it up, loud, and lose yourself in those breaks.
DJ Nut Nut "The Rumble" (Mad Ragga John Remix) (mp3)


Rob said...


Iain Baker said...

Cheers Rob :) there's more on the way (as soon as I can get the new job sorted!)

Anonymous said...

i have an interview with nut nut on a tape from wear fm in 94 when he was working on the boomshaka remix of rumble. i say he because the person being interviewed is a bloke not a girl. cheers for the upload by the way :)

Anonymous said...

just checked rollthebeats and they reckon female as well so im probably wrong... gona dig that tape out!

bathmate said...

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Braidenacoustics said...

I actually 'knew' Nut Nut more of friend of friend. His name is Nana and was a talented DJ around '91/92 when he must have been only 16 or so. Definitely a bloke!

Unknown said...

Just seen this post - made me laugh! Nut Nut was defo a geeza, he DJ'ed for me and the Ragga (MRJ) on an Essex pirate back in '93 called Sweet FM... Still got a load of Nut Nut radio set tapes - must dig those bad boyz out.... Laterz Hardnoyz