Friday, 7 December 2007

The Muscle Shoal "Summer's Here" (Treasure Island Discs, 1988)

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One of the best things about this little blog, so far, has been hearing from the artists responsible for some of the stuff I've posted. It's been informative, humbling and astounding, in equal measure. But, of all of the stories that have emerged, none has lifted my spirits more than finally finding out some information about The Muscle Shoal. Here's a band I knew next to nothing about, appeared to be virtually un-googleable, and seemed destined to languish in undeserved obscurity. Thankfully, we now have some meat to put on the bones, which has put a MASSIVE grin on my face. So, I think it's only right that I post up the first Muscle Shoal single (and one which I referred to in my earlier post), "Summer's Here". This was the single that first made me sit up and listen to the band, and I love it just as much today as the first time I heard it, 19 years ago. Enjoy.

The Muscle Shoal "Summer's Here" (mp3)


Anonymous said...

I was the one who was in the Rough Trade shop every day, and helped manage the Muscle Shoal. The Muscle Shoal band members are Mike and Simon Dodd, Andrew Flude and Mark Firth. Do you know anything else about them? I'll check this site again in a couple of days.

Iain Baker said...

Crikey! Well, there you go, how's that for validation of my story! Glad you've found my site, and thanks for the info! Mike Dodd has also been in touch (check the comments on "Accept Yourself" the other Muscle Shoal single I posted up!)
the band recently reformed and played in Barbados, the lucky buggers!

Unknown said...

Hey Iain, this was a track/band that wandered across my path just as I went to college - there's a VHS tape of mine in an attic somewhere that has the shot-for-a-tenner video, as shown on The Chart Show, some Saturday morning on ITV, late 1988. I've been humming this track on and off for 20 years! Can you possibly host that MP3 somewhere else as I can't get that link to work?

Anonymous said...

I cant believe I found this...I have the video like Dan on a VHS from the chart show, this was such a great song!! Can you rehost or repost the mp3 as the link seems to be to have this blasting out on the stereo here in Oz...especially cos its about to be Summer!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey people looking for this upload - I worked out where it was living!


Feel the pop magic

Anonymous said...

AH your a star! Just as great as I remember!!!!