Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Right, let's start again, shall we?

I have NO IDEA what happened to fileden, but something serious was up with it. As soon as my monthly bandwidth was reset, 25 gig of downloads just happened almost instantaneously. Very odd. Anyway, as my good friend Steve keeps telling me (thanks mate!) it's time to look elsewhere. So I'm going to give mediafire a try, and see what happens. This does have some ramifications on the previous content of the blog, as I'll have to get round to loading all the old links in, but give me some time, and I'm sure I'll get there eventually.
Anyway, before normal blog service is resumed, here's a couple of links (the ones I got most emails about) for you to catch up on, whilst I get my act together. Enjoy.

Cozy Powell "Na Na Na" (mp3)

And, here' the one I get the most feedback (sic) about, and the one people seem to love more than any other:
The Jesus And Mary Chain - Live At The I.C.A. (mp3)

More soon!


I Am Not The Beatles said...

Marvellous to have you back Iain.

I am looking forward to my first intense Jesus and Mary Chain experience! I know very little, so here we go...

*dives in*

Anonymous said...

I've tried to download the Jesus and Mary Chain gig hundreds of times from your fileden account over the last few weeks but it seems to have lots of feedback on it. Is something wrong?


biopunk said...

Thanks for this one Iain!

Too funny anonymous, don't ever change... FYI: Kevin over at The Sound of Indie has The Jesus And Mary Chain Live at the Metro in Chicago, IL - 11/12/94 up. (It's got Hope on Sometimes Always too!)

So It Goes said...

JAMC without feedback? That's like eating a toffee with the wrapper on...;-)).
My pleasure , buddy. Keep on keepin' on.

Slobodan Burgher said...

Thank you for the repost of JAMC.